Archery bag targets selection, distance, bow type and other factors impact the outcome of an archery contest. Here are some factors to watch for. The Art of Archery: Bag Targets and Other Important Factors


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The Art of Archery: Bag Targets and Other Important Factors

The Art of Archery: Bag Targets and Other Important Factors

Archery is an ancient sport. Since its inception, archery has evolved from its bloody origins to become a sport that calls for skill. Necessary for the sport is a target, and this is where archery bag targets become indispensable. This, alongside other factors, determines the match’s outcome as well as the level of difficulty presented to the archer.

Archery Bag Targets, Bows, and More: Factors Impacting the Sport

  1. Size. There are differing sizes for archery bag targets. The most popular ones are the 10 ring targets. This multi coloured target with concentric rings works with each ring corresponding to a given number of points. The closer to the middle the arrow lands, the higher the points.
  2. Distance. The next factor is the distance between the archer and the archery bag targets. This distance often differentiates the classes and categories of the competitors. Indoor distances are 18 meters and 25 meters, while outdoor archery ranges would have distances between 30 meters to 90 meters.
  3. Bow. In archery, the type of bow used is also a competitive matter. There are also weights to the bows, which correlate to the amount of force needed to stretch the bow to launch the arrow. This would also generate the velocity needed for the arrow to travel and hit the target. Owing to the high speeds at which arrows travel, archery bag targets need to be sturdy and durable enough to handle the force of impact.

Targets Must Be Bought with Caution

Archery bag targets are not just anything that can be shot at with arrows. They need to be of the appropriate size to be seen from a distance and must be strong enough to handle repeated shots from arrows travelling at great speeds. If the targets are not of the proper size or of the proper strength, expect that the target will fail during competition. Without the proper archery bag targets and other equipment, archery competitions would not be as successful as they are today.