Archery target bags have become a significant part of archery setup, which can be used for practice rounds and tournaments. Performance Enhancing Archery Target Bags


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Performance Enhancing Archery Target Bags

Performance Enhancing Archery Target Bags

In the past, archery was largely done for hunting purposes but is now one of the most prestigious sports. Modern archery practice became more innovative in terms of equipment design. It is now efficient, cost effective and performance enhancing.

Manufacturers of today’s targets made them to be easily taken care of and more durable for longer use. Archery target bags become a significant part of archery setup, which can be used for practice rounds and tournaments. Since these bags are prone to damage from harsh weather conditions and the intense impact of arrows, cutting-edge technology has been developed to minimize the need for constant replacement. Excellent materials are used to resist bad effects of weather and insect infestations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Archery Target Bags

  • Usage - Archery target bags are available in a variety of densities depending on the intended use. They can be bought for personal use, or for camp or club use, as well as for professional tournaments. Knowing what you want them for is very important in selecting the right density and size.
  • Skills practice - Target bags are great if you plan to hone your skills on target points instead of arrows. They are the easiest type of target to halt and remove arrows.
  • Arrow type – An archery target bag is not intended to be used with broadheads because they tend to get stuck inside the bag and rip off the covering or the entire target. Field points are more advisable to use for target bags.    
  • Storage - Opting for archery target bags also means you have to store them in an area that is dry and not susceptible to water. This is to ensure longevity of your chosen target.

Warthog Archery Targets offers a complete range of archery target bags designed to suit all levels of the sport. Our targets are fully inspected to meet the highest industry standards. Our archery target bags are made with you in mind: to meet your specific needs and with high quality materials, in order to provide you with the most enjoyable shooting experience.