If you're into archery, bag targets are your new best friend. Practice sessions will never be the same again! Before You Buy: Archery Bag Targets


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Before You Buy: Archery Bag Targets

Before You Buy: Archery Bag Targets

Before You Buy: Archery Bag Targets


They say practice makes perfect. This couldn’t be truer than in the sport of archery. Putting as many hours of practice into your skill as you can is the only way you can be better. Using different archery bag targets helps you further hone these skills. Unlike shooting at a basic bull's eye target made of paper or cardboard, using bag targets will present you a lot of shooting options, adding a little more fun to your target practice. However, the purchase of these bags will require you to consider these important aspects to make sure that you make a wise purchase.


Factors You Must Consider Before You Purchase Your Targets


  • Cost of Replacement - Regardless of how durable the target bag is it will certainly require cover replacements at some point. So prior to buying your archery bag targets, consider the cost of maintenance. Take note that heavier bags can withstand wear and tear better than the lighter ones. Buying some additional covers is advisable throughout the course of your practice.
  • Does it Come with a Stand? - Some target bags require a stand where in some cases, an aluminum stand is included upon the purchase of the target bag. On the other hand, some of them don't, so it will require you to purchase a separate stand which normally cost $30 or more. Consider the capacity of the stand and make sure that it can handle the weight of the target bag you will purchase.
  • Design Standard - Archery target bags are manufactured differently. Some of them are designed to handle a specific arrow head only. So make sure to read and understand the complete product description of the target bag you want to purchase. Asking the seller will also help you understand the supported arrowheads and ensures that you will get the right bag you are looking for.
  • Shape of the Bag - In choosing an archery bag target, you also have to decide what shape you will purchase.


Whatever the target bag you choose, the important thing is to practice as much as you can and as often as you can. Remember to maintain and replace your bags as they wear out for the best possible experience.