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A school archery target is designed first and foremost for a recreational purpose. When producing these kinds of targets, the manufacturer has to consider a variety of factors that would influence this kind of demographic.

One of the most preferred archery targets is the foam archery target. This is because it is specifically designed with features that suit every need for the archery sport.

This year, Warthog is proud to cheer on Fiona Shae Maude as she competes this weekend in the Women’s Junior Compound division of the 2016 Archery Canada National Championships. 

Foam archery targets are mostly preferred because of their portability, ease of removing arrows and durability. To ensure that these goodies serve the right purpose and for a long period of time, it’s important that you go for the right item as per your needs.

You can fine-tune your shooting form to achieve a top quality shot.. But the only way to get better that way is through repetition, so quality archery target bags will be your best friend on the path to success.